Facebook Messenger Step 1: Connect your Facebook page

Connect inGenious AI to your Facebook page to start the integration. 

Facebook custom app connections

These instructions are for connecting with Facebook One App. If you need to create a connection with a Facebook custom app, you will need to create your connection manually before you configure the channel. See Facebook Messenger custom app.

To connect inGenious AI to your Facebook page:

  1. Open inGenious AI.
  2. Add a Facebook Messenger channel to your chatbot:
    1. Open the team and chatbot you want to integrate and click Manage.
    2. Click Integrations.
    3. Click + Integration.
    4. Click Facebook Messenger.
  3. Click the new Facebook Messenger channel card.
  4. Click Add Facebook Page.
    You may be prompted to log into your Facebook account. Your Facebook credentials are never sent to inGenious AI.
  5. Follow the prompts to connect your Facebook account and grant the required permissions.
    When you have finished, inGenious AI prompts you to select which Facebook page to connect to.
  6. Select your Facebook page and click Save.

Next: Configure your handover receivers in your Facebook page.

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