Publish the changes

If you have a Publisher or Admin role in your team, you can select changes to publish to your live chatbot. Either:

  • Select changes individually using the checkbox on the right.
  • Select all changes in the current view using the checkbox at the top of the list.

Some changes are part of a group, and have to stay together. When you select a change that is part of a group, all of the related changes are also automatically selected:

  • Settings changes are automatically preselected.
  • Selecting an unpublished question change also selects the unpublished passage and conversation changes the question belongs to.

Grouped changes must all progress through your review process together.

Any changes you make to your chatbot Experience settings are sent straight to the Ready to publish stage. These settings changes are automatically selected, and must be included in your next published chatbot version.

When you click Publish, your changes are validated to check for missing content. If the validation tests pass, your changes are published as your next chatbot version, and appear in the Published section. If there are validation errors, you must resolve these errors before you can publish your changes. See Resolve validation errors.

The changes you publish will be grouped into a version of your chatbot and shown in the Publish section.

Watch for dependencies

Some changes you make in a chatbot will have several change entries that should be published together. For example:

  • Moving a passage from one conversation to another will create one change in the conversation where the passage was removed, and another change in the conversation the passage was added to.
  • Creating a notification (or webview or script) that is used in a passage will create one change for the notification, and another change for the passage where you used it. 

These changes are not grouped in Versions. Make sure you check for dependent changes, and publish or regress them together, to avoid duplicate or missing chatbot content. 

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