Create an Inbound NLP question

Create an Inbound NLP question if you want it to match a chatbot user's response either in this conversation flow, or any conversation flow.

If you want to create an NLP question that only matches immediately after a specific passage, create an Outbound NLP question. If you want to create a question that only matches a very specific phrase, create a Keyword question.

To create an Inbound NLP question:

  1. Open the passage you want to create the question in.
  2. Click Inbound Questions.
  3. Choose to create either a Global-level question that will match from anywhere in the chatbot, or a Conversation-level question that will only match within this conversation. See Questions.
  4. Click + Question in your chosen context level.
  5. Click the edit icon next to the New Question title.
  6. Type a descriptive name for the question.
  7. Type the intent phrase you want to match in the Training Phrases field. 
    If you want to use an entity, type @ to open the entity list. Each entity can only be used once within an individual training phrase. You can also click the entity to open it in a new tab for easy editing.
  8. Type Enter or click the + button to add a new phrase.
  9. Click Save.

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