Passage cards

A passage is a "turn" in the conversation: the chatbot says or does something, then the user responds. Each passage in the conversation flow is represented by a card on the canvas. A passage card has:

  • A name to briefly describe the passage.
    If the name is too long to display, you can hover over the passage card to read the full name.
  • A preview of what the chatbot sends in that passage, such as text, buttons, a script, or a combination of elements.
  • A letter code on the right indicating that the passage has Keyword, NLP, or Outbound questions.
  • An icon at the bottom right indicating how the user is expected to respond: asking a question, pressing a button or quick reply, sending requested information, or no response. The icon might also indicate that the chatbot hands over to a human at the end of the passage, or runs a script after the user has responded.

Working with your team

You can see who else is viewing this conversation flow by looking for their avatar in the top left of the canvas. If someone on your team is editing a passage, you'll see their avatar below that passage in the canvas.

The starting passage

The green passage in the conversation canvas is the Starting Passage. This is the passage this conversation starts with by default.

You can't change which passage is the starting passage in a conversation. If you want to change your starting passage, change the content of the green passage.

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