Create a Facebook One-Time Notification

Create a story with a Facebook One-Time Notification to broadcast a message on a specific topic to your chatbot users. Your chatbot users must have already opted-in to recieve the notification.

Facebook One-Time Notifications have strict rules about what you can send your users. The story content can be either:

  • A single text message.
  • One button-template message (one text bubble with up to three buttons).

To create a Facebook One-Time Notification:

  1. Open the team and chatbot you want to create the Facebook One-Time Notification for.
  2. Click Stories.
  3. Click + Story.
  4. Give the story a descriptive name.

    This name appears on the story card, but is not displayed to users.

  5. Select the story's Purpose.

    There are different rules for different types of broadcasts. Some types of broadcasts can only be sent within the 24-hour messaging window, others require the user to have performed a specific action, such as making a purchase or registering for an event.

  6. If you want to send the story without an alert sound or vibration, toggle on Silent Push.

    The story message will still appear in the user's notification screen.

  7. If you want the story to only display the first message in the user's notifications, toggle on Show first message only.
    If the story consists of several messages, only the first message is shown in the user's notification screen. The user still receives all messages.
  8. Select the Facebook One-time Notification Token toggle.
  9. Type the same Topic you used in the FB OTN message.
    Make sure the spelling, capitalisation and punctuation matches what you used in the FB OTN message topic exactly, or your story won't be received by your opted-ed chatbot users.
  10. Select whether to send the story to all subscribed users, or only users who match an audience segment.
  11. Click Save.

Add the conversation flow to your story. Remember, you can only send a single text bubble or one button-template message (a single text bubble and up to three buttons).

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