Create a Broadcast for your One-Time or Recurring Topic

Create a Broadcast to send messages on a specific Topic to Chatbot users who have opted in to receive them.

Before you create your Broadcast:

To create a Broadcast for your One-Time or Recurring Topic:

  1. Open the Team and Chatbot you want to create the Broadcast for.
  2. Click Broadcasts.
  3. Click the Topic you want to create a Broadcast for.
  4. Click + Broadcast.
  5. Click the new Broadcast message in the Drafts tab.
  6. Type a Name to distinguish your Broadcast.
    The name will not be shown to your Chatbot users.
  7. If you want to send the Broadcast without an alert sound or vibration, tick Silent Push.

    The Broadcast message will still appear on the user's notification screen.

  8. Select whether to send the story to all subscribed users, or only users who match an Audience Segment.
  9. Click Save.

You can now:

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