Add a Conversation Flow to your Broadcast

Broadcast content consists of passages on a canvas, just like regular Chatbot content. In Broadcasts, there is only one conversation flow, but your Broadcast passages can direct the conversation into the rest of your Chatbot conversations and passages, just like a normal passage.

You must create a One-Off, One-Time or Recurring Broadcast before you can add conversation content to it.

Channels often have strict rules about what can be sent in Broadcasts. For example, if you're using a Facebook One-Time or Recurring Notification, you can only send one text bubble or one button template message. Users must interact with that message before they can receive further content from you. Check the terms and conditions of the channels you've integrated when you're creating your content.

To create your broadcast content:

  1. Open the Team and Chatbot you want to edit the Broadcast for.
  2. Click Broadcasts.
  3. Click the Topic of your Broadcast.
  4. Click the Broadcast you want to create content for.
  5. Click Edit Content.
  6. Create your Broadcast passages in the canvas.

See Conversation canvas and Passages for more information on creating chatbot content.

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