Multi-level conversations

Multi-level conversations allow you to nest child conversations within a parent conversation. You can nest conversations to create levels of context for the chatbot to use when matching questions, or to organise a complex set of conversation flows into groups to make your content more manageable.

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With child conversations, you can create a conversation inside another conversation to create levels of context for question matching. Conversations can contain up to three levels of children.

Creating child conversations only impacts question-matching contexts, and conversation-specific settings like Intellimem and Catch-Alls; it has no other impact on your chatbot content. If you configure conversation actions or resumability for a parent conversation, it has no impact on any child conversations.

By default, your chatbot uses single-level conversations, which are displayed as individual cards. If you convert your chatbot to use multi-level conversations, your conversations are displayed in a tree-like navigation, allowing you to create child conversations.

Enable multi-level conversations

One-way trip

Enabling multi-level conversations will permanently change how your conversations are shown in the inGenious AI platform. Once you've enabled multi-level conversations for a chatbot, you can't go back to the simpler conversation-card display.

To enable multi-level conversations:

  1. Select your team, and the chatbot you want to edit.
  2. Open the Manage section of the left navigation and click Settings.
  3. Select Enable multi-level conversations.
  4. Click Save.

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