Resumable conversations

Sometimes you have a conversation that the user is likely to interrupt with questions. For example, a loan application conversation may have complex steps where the user needs to ask questions of your chatbot to understand how to complete the steps successfully. You don't want the user to have to restart their application every time they ask a question, so you make the loan application conversation resumable.

When a conversation is resumable, your user can ask their questions and jump to another conversation flow without losing their place in the original conversation. When they've finished their questions, they can be directed back to where they were with a dynamic Quick Reply.

If you have configured actions for a conversation that is resumable, those actions are triggered again when the user returns to the conversation.

If your chatbot uses multi-level conversations, resumability only applies to a parent conversation. Making a parent conversation resumable does not impact any child conversations inside. 

To make a conversation resumable you will need to:

  1. Configure Resumability for that conversation.
  2. Add dynamic Quick Replies to all the passages that your user is likely to reach.
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