Facebook Messenger custom app

Integrate your chatbot with a Facebook Messenger custom app so your users can chat with your inGenious AI chatbot through Facebook Messenger.

Facebook custom apps

Facebook's One App connection does not support Facebook custom apps. To use a custom app, you need to create the connection manually before you can configure the channel. If you are not using a custom app, you can create your connection easily with Facebook One App.

Make sure you have created:

  • Your inGenious AI chatbot.
  • The Facebook app and Facebook page you’ll connect the chatbot to.

Facebook Admin required

You’ll need to be an Admin of the Facebook app and page to complete the integration steps.

You'll need to:

  1. Add the Facebook Page Access Token to inGenious AI.
  2. Add the inGenious AI Callback URL and token to your Facebook App.
  3. Add the Facebook App ID and App Secret to inGenious AI.
  4. Configure your Facebook channel settings.

Let's look at each of those steps in detail...

Before you start…

This process involves some back-and-forth between your inGenious AI chatbot settings and your Facebook Developer page. It’s much easier if you get yourself set up first:

  1. Open inGenious AI.
  2. Add a Facebook Messenger channel to your chatbot:
    1. Open the team and  chatbot you want to integrate and click Manage.
    2. Click Channels.
    3. Click + Channel.
    4. Click Facebook Messenger.
  3. Click the new Facebook Messenger channel card.
  4. Select the Use my own Facebook app checkbox.
    The fields you need to connect your Facebook custom app are displayed.
  5. In another tab, open your Facebook Developer page and select the App you want to integrate.
  6. Open Notepad or another text editor so you can copy multiple things at once.

For more help setting up your Facebook App, see the Facebook Developer Documentation.

Step 1: Add the Facebook Page Access Token to inGenious AI

To add the Page Access Token:

  1. In your Facebook Developer page, click the arrow next to Messenger in the left menu.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Access Tokens.
  4. Select the Facebook Page you want to integrate.
    A Page Access Token is created.
    Note: Make sure you’re an Admin for the page you want to integrate. Only pages you’re an Admin for are displayed in the list.
  5. Click the access token to copy it to your clipboard.
  6. In inGenious AI, paste the access token you copied into the Page Access Token field.

Step 2: Add the inGenious AI Callback URL and token to your Facebook App

To add the Callback URL and token to your Facebook App:

  1. In inGenious AI, copy the Callback URL and Callback URL Verify Token to Notepad.
  2. In your Facebook Developer page, click Webhooks in the left menu.
  3. Click Edit Subscription.
  4. Paste the Callback URL and Verify Token.
  5. Click Verify and Save.

Step 3: Add the Facebook App ID and App Secret to inGenious AI

To add the App ID and App Secret:

  1. In your Facebook Developer page, click Settings in the left menu.
  2. Click Basic.
  3. Copy the App ID and App Secret to Notepad.
  4. In inGenious AI, paste in the App ID and App Secret.

Step 4: Configure your Facebook channel settings

Now that you have connected your Facebook custom app, you can configure your channel settings:

  1. Configure the handover receivers for the Facebook page.
  2. Configure your Greetings Message and Persistent Menu in inGenious AI.
  3. Whitelist any domains your chatbot uses in scripts or webviews in inGenious AI.
  4. Customise your chatbot avatar.

Remember to save your integration settings when you're finished.

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