Audience Segments

You can limit who receives your Broadacst to a specific group of users that you define by creating a segment.

User Segments are defined by one or more filters that match the user data you have stored via actions or scripts. Each additional filter combines to make your segment more specific: if you add one filter for users whose resident country is Australia, and another filter for users whose favourite flavour is pistachio, your audience segment will be only people who both live in Australia and love pistachio. 

Once you have created a segment, you can use it in as many broadcasts as you like. The segment filters are applied at the time each broadcast is sent; you do not need to recreate segments to capture new chatbot users.

To create an audience segment:

  1. Open the broadcast you want to use an audience segment for.
  2. Select the Send to a specific audience segment option.
  3. Click Create a segment.
  4. Type a Name to describe your segment.
    Your users will never see the segment name.
  5. Click +Filter.
  6. In the User Field, type the name of the data field you want to use.
    This can be any user data you have stored via a script or action. Make sure the capitalisation and spelling match.
  7. Type the Value to compare against the user's data field.
    Users will only be included in the segment if their user data matches this value.
  8. If you want to make your segment more specific, click +Filter to add another filter.
  9. When you've added all your filters, click Save.
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