Data settings

Use the data settings to control how long your chatbot retains conversation data to be used in reviews and improvements.

When you make changes to your chatbot's Data settings, these changes are stored in the chatbot version. Changes here will not be applied until they are published.

To open the Data settings:

  1. Select your team, and the chatbot you want to edit.
  2. Open the Manage section of the left navigation and click Settings.
  3. Click Data.

Reviews Retention Period

Control how long your chat transcripts are retained on the inGenious AI platform to manage sensitive data users may send.

Chat transcripts are stored to help improve your NLP questions using Improvement AI. Once past the retention period, the user question is deleted. This means:

  • If the question has not been marked, it is not included in new reviews.
  • If the question has been marked, it is not available when viewing completed reviews.

Your review retention period does not affect:

  • Improvement AI statistics and recommendations.
  • User metadata and audience information, such as when the user last interacted with your chatbot.
  • User data stored by scripts or webviews.
  • User notifications or stories subscriptions.

The minimum review retention period is 30 days.

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