Provided libraries

Chatbot scripts support all standard built-in JavaScript objects. See the MDN web docs for reference.
The following libraries are also available as part of the chatbot scripting platform:

Library   Use Reference
Async Asynchronous JavaScript async
Axios Promise-based HTTP requests axios
Buffer Binary data streams Buffer
Crypto Cryptographic functions crypto
CSV String Parse and Stringify for CSV strings CSV
Dialogflow Natural language processing dialogflow​nodejs-dialogflow
Fast XML Parser Validate XML, Convert XML to JS / JSON and back XML
Google APIs Auth Node.js library for Google's Authentication API google.auth​#authentication-and-authorization
Google Sheets v4 Node.js library for Google Sheets google.spreadsheets​sheets/classes/Sheets.html
HTTP Agent HTTP Server / Client Agent http
HTTPS Agent HTTPS Server / Client Agent https
Libphonenumber JS Phone number parsing and formatting libphonenumber​libphonenumber-js
Moment JS Date parsing, validating, manipulation and formatting moment
Nanoid Secure URL-friendly unique string ID generator nanoid
Request HTTP calls request
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