Reviews screen

Use the Reviews screen to see the trends in your chatbot's Content coverage rate and Accuracy rate, open current and past reviews, and create a new non-targeted review. You can also generate recommended training phrase adjustments from a finalised review.

The two charts show the content coverage and accuracy of the last five reviews, with the oldest review on the left. You can:

  • Select to display the trend for the last ten reviews.
  • Export the current chart as a PNG file by clicking the menu in the top left of the chart.
  • Hover over a bar in the chart for a summary of that review.
  • Click a bar in the chart to open that review.
  • Click the empty bar at the right of the chart to create a new review.

The summary of each review shows:

  • The review status (finalised, unfinished or expired).
  • The time period reviewed.
  • The overall review grade, such as Good or Optimal.
  • The overall review percentage and a breakdown of component percentages.

Below the charts, you can view and open active or expired reviews. Reviews that have expired no longer have user response content available, per your Data retention settings, but you can still view the review summary and any recommendations.

To open the reviews screen:

  1. Open the team and chatbot you want to generate recommendations for.
  2. In the left-navigation, click Improve.
  3. Click Reviews.
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