Canvas notes

Use canvas notes to communicate with your team within the platform canvas, annotate flows you're working on, or signpost areas of a complex flow.

Canvas notes come in several colours, support links and text formatting, can hold up to 600 characters, and appear on the flow mini-map. 

  • Add a new note by clicking the note icon under the mini-map.
  • Edit a note's text or formatting by clicking the note. Any changes you make to a note are automatically saved when you click anywhere else on the canvas.
  • Resize a note using the drag handle on the left.
  • To move a note on the canvas:
    1. Click an empty area of the canvas to exit note-editing mode.
    2. Click and drag the note.
      Notes will cover any passages you move them on top of, so mind where you leave them.
  • To move a note to another conversation:
    1. Click the note, then click the menu in the top right of the note.
    2. Click Move To, then select the conversation.
  • To remove a note, click the menu in the top left of the note, then click Remove.

Changes to canvas notes won't appear in Versions, but restoring a previous chatbot version will restore its canvas notes. You can see who last edited a note and when they did so on the bottom of the note. Alternatively, if you want to comment directly on a specific passage you can do this via comments or leave a note for a reviewer using review notes.

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