Your audience are the users who are interacting with your chatbot. You can view information on your users such as:

  • Their name, if available from the chat platform.
  • Their unique ID from the chat platform.
  • When they first interacted with your chatbot.
  • Whether they are subscribed to stories.

You can also export your user information into a CSV, and unsubscribe users from stories.

Users are channel-specific

If your user uses multiple channels to communicate with your chatbot, they will appear in your audience once for each channel.

See your users in the Audience screen. 

Sort and filter your users

Use the sort field to sort your user list by:

  • Newest user first.
  • Oldest user first.
  • Alphabetically by user name.
  • Reverse-alphabetically by user name.

You can also filter your user list to users who:

  • Are subscribed to stories.
  • Are not subscribed to stories.
  • Have a Facebook One-Time-Notification (OTN).
  • Don't have a Facebook One-Time-Notification (OTN).

Unsubscribe users from stories

If a user is subscribed to stories, a notification icon is displayed.

To unsubscribe a user from stories, click the menu on the right of the user, and click Unsubscribe.

Download your user list

Click the CSV button to download a CSV file containing:

  • The channel the user talks to your chatbot with, such as Facebook Messenger.
  • The user's unique ID in the channel.
  • The user's first and last name, if known.
  • The user's timezone, if known.
  • The date and time the user first interacted with your chatbot.
  • The date and time the user most recently interacted with your chatbot.
  • Whether the user is subscribed to stories.
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