Facebook Messenger

Integrate with Facebook Messenger so your users can chat with your inGenious AI chatbot through Facebook Messenger. You can also generate entry point URLs or Ad JSON for your chatbots from this channel.

Facebook custom app connections

These instructions are for connecting with Facebook One App. If you need to create a connection with a Facebook custom app, you will need to create your connection manually before you configure the channel. See Facebook Messenger custom app.

Make sure you have created:

  • Your inGenious AI chatbot.
  • The Facebook app and Facebook page you’ll connect the chatbot to.

Facebook Admin required

You’ll need to be an Admin of the Facebook app and page to complete the integration steps.

  1. Connect inGenious AI to your Facebook page.
  2. Configure the handover receivers for the Facebook page.

  3. Configure your Greetings Message and Persistent Menu in inGenious AI.
  4. Whitelist any domains your chatbot uses in scripts or webviews in inGenious AI.
  5. Customise your chatbot avatar.
  6. Save your integration settings.

Let’s look at each of those steps in detail.

Step 1: Connect inGenious AI to your Facebook page

  1. Open inGenious AI.
  2. Add a Facebook Messenger channel to your chatbot:
    1. Open the team and chatbot you want to integrate and click Manage.
    2. Click Channels.
    3. Click + Channel.
    4. Click Facebook Messenger.
  3. Click the new Facebook Messenger channel card.
  4. Click Add Facebook Page.
    You may be prompted to log into your Facebook account. Your Facebook credentials are never sent to inGenious AI.
  5. Follow the prompts to connect your Facebook account and grant the required permissions.
    When you have finished, inGenious AI prompts you to select which Facebook page to connect to.
  6. Select your Facebook page and click Save.

Step 2: Configure the handover receivers

If you want a person or another service to be able to take over the chat and talk to the user, you need to:

  1. Configure the primary and secondary receivers for the Facebook page.
  2. Enable handover in the Facebook channel for your inGenious AI chatbot.

Let's look at those steps in detail:

  1. In your Facebook Page, click Settings in the left menu.
  2. Click Advanced Messaging.
    Your inGenious AI chatbot should appear under Connected Apps.
  3. Under App Settings, click Configure.
  4. Select your inGenious AI chatbot as the Primary receiver.
  5. For the Secondary Receiver, select either:
    • Page Inbox to allow a person to chat using the Facebook Page inbox.
    • Another service to send the chat to.
  6. Click the x in the top right to close the window. Your changes are automatically saved.
  7. In your inGenious AI platform, open the team and chatbot you want to integrate, and click Manage.
  8. Click Channels, and click the Facebook Messenger channel card.
  9. Click Enable Handover.

For more help setting up your Facebook App, see the Facebook Developer Documentation.

For more information on allowing handover in Facebook Messenger, see the Handover Protocol in the Facebook Developer Platform Documentation.

Step 3: Configure your Greetings Message and Persistent Menu in inGenious AI

The Greetings Message is sent when users interact with your chatbot on Facebook for the first time. Write a short message to welcome a new user and tell them how to get started.

The Persistent Menu is displayed at the bottom of the Facebook chat window. You can create menu buttons that open a website or send the chatbot to a specific passage. Click a menu button to edit the text, change what it does, or delete it.

If you want to add emojis to your message or buttons, you can search for the emoji you want to use on https://emojifinder.com and paste it in.

Step 4: Whitelist script and webview domains in inGenious AI

If your scripts or webviews call any domains outside of the provided libraries, you need to add them to Facebook’s whitelist so Facebook will allow the call.

Paste each domain your chatbot will use on a new line.

Step 5: Customise your chatbot avatar

If you want to present a custom avatar in Facebook Messenger, toggle Customise Chatbot Avatar on, and:

  1. Select the image you want to use either by URL or your chatbot media library.
  2. Type the profile name you want displayed in Facebook Messenger.

Step 6: Save your settings

When you have finished, scroll down the page and click Save. Your chatbot is now integrated with Facebook.


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