Webview variables

Each webview has several variables that are passed in by the chatbot when creating the webview. You can access the variables using double braces, like this:

const accessToken = '{{webview_access_token}}';
const appId = '{{facebook_app_id}}';
const nextPassage = '{{next_passage}}';

Need more data?

You can also access data you’ve stored for a user using the context_data endpoint. See Get context data.


Name Code Description
Facebook App ID {{facebook_app_id}} The chatbot’s Facebook App ID.
Next Passage {{next_passage}} The passage the chatbot should go to after the webview is closed by the start_passage endpoint. See Start passage.
Webview Access Token {{webview_access_token}} The access token prevents users from reloading out-of-date webviews from earlier in the conversation. It must be added to the query string of every webview endpoint call using the parameter accessToken.
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