Unschedule a Broadcast

Unschedule a scheduled Broadcast to edit the Broadcast's content, schedule date or settings, or prevent it from being sent at the scheduled time.

You only need to unschedule Broadcasts that are in the Scheduled tab of the Broadcast Topic. For Broadcasts in the Drafts tab, you can change the time directly in their configuration screen.

To unschedule a Broadcast:

  1. Open the team and Chatbot you want to unschedule.
  2. Click Broadcasts.
  3. Click the Topic of the Broadcast you want to unschedule.
  4. Find the Broadcast you want to send in the Scheduled tab
  5. From here, there are 2 ways to do this:
    • Option 1: On the same screen, click Unschedule on the right side of the row
    • Option 2: Click the broadcast to go to its configuration screen, scroll to the bottom and click Unschedule
  6. Click Unschedule Broadcast in the follow-up modal window 

The Broadcast is moved back to the Drafts tab. While the Broadcast is in the Drafts tab, it will not be sent, even if its scheduled time arrives. When you're ready, you can schedule the broadcast again.

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